UPDATE: Got some new PS5 stock info about Amazon Australia and Big W.

After weeks of nothing on the PS5 stock front, we finally have an update on where you can get one of these consoles in Australia.

Ever since the brilliant PS5 came out in November last year, it’s been more difficult to get Sony’s new chonk of a console than it is to see an actual unicorn in real life.

We’re keeping tabs on where you can get a PS5 in Australia, but it’s quickly become apparent that the answer is going to be “nowhere” for a few months at the very least due to a severe stock shortage everywhere around the globe.

It appears we spoke too soon though because word on the street is that there will be some stock in Australia. Catch is that you’ll have to be quick and it’s likely that they’ll all be gone by the time this article goes out.

But in the interest of keeping everyone updated on what the situation is everywhere in terms of where one can get their hands on Sony’s increasingly mythical new console, here’s the latest updates from places that sell the PS5.

EB Games – Still no new update as of February 4th

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No surprises there.

JB Hi-Fi – Preorders are available, new stock sold out already (as of February 4th)

So JB got some new stock, which all went super quickly unsurprisingly. However it’s worth checking your local store for excess as some places are contacting people on the expression of interest list ahead of a stock drop.

The rest of this entry remains unchanged from our last update.

Kotaku Australia reports that while online preorders are still a no go, JB Hi-Fi are accepting in-store preorders only though keep in mind that most stores have very limited stock.

That’s better than nothing.

Big W/Harvey Norman/Target – Big W got some more stock in on as of February 4th!

So word is that Big W got some more stock in on Thursday, February 4th, but it looks to be all sold out online sadly.

However, you might get lucky at some stray Big W somewhere so get in ASAP.

Amazon Australia/Sony Store – Amazon reportedly getting more stock at the end of the week (as of Thursday, February 4th)

So word on the street is that Amazon Australia will be getting more PS5s at the end of this week sometime, usually around night time.

Best keep an eye out on both the regular PS5 and Digital Edition order links and hope you get lucky.

The rest of this entry remains unchanged from our last update.

Amazon Australia did have some new stock but those flew off the “virtual” shelves in a matter of seconds. Most you can do at this point is signing up for an email notification for when they’ll get some more stock. Better than nothing.

Same deal with the Sony Store, which hasn’t changed since we last checked in on them.

The Gamesmen – Nada (as of Thursday, February 4th)

This entry remains unchanged from our last update.

This place does some surprise drops every now and again but there’s nothing available at the time of writing.

The Good Guys – Nothing (as of Thursday, February 4th)

This entry remains unchanged from our last update.

Now this is perhaps the most promising place to get a PS5, though it’s not really saying much.

The Good Guys had a small batch of PS5 consoles that went out today at 12pm AEDT to those customers who directly received an email to apply to buy one. In other words, those who preordered with the Good Guys but had their preorder cancelled will get priority.

Now Kotaku Australia reports that those who are at the front of the queue have yet to be sorted out yet so don’t expect any potential stock to open up for a day or two. If there’s stock that is.

As it was back in November, may the odds be ever in your favour should you intend to get your hands on a PS5.

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