The PS5 is finally here and since it’s nigh impossible to buy one, here’s an update on where we stand in terms of stock and availability.

Well it seems like our article on where to get your hands on a PS5 upon its launch in Australia quickly became outdated.

We all knew this could potentially happen given all the pre-release hype and positive impressions, but to see this all unfold before our very eyes is still staggering.

The PS5 may not have the same vape smoke and trypophobia issues as its direct competitor the Xbox Series X, but that’s probably because no one can get their hands on one of these chonky new consoles.

So in the interests of keeping all those gamers waiting a long time to upgrade their old PS4 in the loop about where to buy one of these mythical PS5 consoles, we’re updating you on what the situation is in Australia (via Kotaku Australia).

And I’m not going to lie here, the situation is pretty dire if you were hoping to get a PS5 before 2020 is over.

EB Games – No update on this so I’m leaving this entry as it was before

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Not only is there no chance you’ll get a PS5 if you walk in off the street, apparently some stores are so goddamn sold out that if you pre-order now you’ll get your console in April.

Hell, some stores have stopped taking pre-orders altogether since they don’t even know when the next shipment of consoles will be arriving.

That’s not promising.


Kotaku Australia‘s reporting and our own investigation reported that JB are super sold out of PS5 consoles and Sony aren’t telling them when the next shipments will arrive, forcing them to stop pre-orders as well.

Well folks, that’s still the case as not only are there no more PS5s but the pre-order links (which were up briefly) now just redirect to the PS5 category page, meaning the no pre-orders mandate is still up at the time of writing.


Harvey Norman briefly had some but there’s no longer any listing online.

Big W are unable to sell any PS5 consoles at the time of writing due to unforeseen circumstances so, uh, just keep an eye on them and hope for an update.

Target still has no clue if they’re getting any PS5 consoles or not. All they have is a landing page and… that’s it actually. Of all the places to ask “where do you buy a PS5?” Target has not been very forthcoming with deets.

Kogan – No update on this so I’m leaving this entry as it was before

The only information available is a big “Coming Soon” sign. Next.


Okay, so Amazon Australia are sold out (unsurprisingly) but you can get an email notification when they’ll get some more stock. Better than nothing.

Same deal with the Sony Store but don’t expect more stock to arrive until next year.

The Gamesmen – UPDATE: ALL GONE

So after stating that there was a small amount of in-store stock, the Gamesmen clarified that this was already allocated to customers already and those wanting a PS5 will need to do so online.

Not that it matters anyway because the website has a big red banner at the top that says “PS5 2nd batch SOLD OUT” and there’s no pre-order page anyway.

Oh well.

Vodafone (yes they’re in on this too)

The telco is pulling a Telstra and offering PS5 consoles (both Digital and regular) via their Customer Care channel.

Here’s the catch: if you have at least two eligible devices or services with Vodafone, you’ll be able to order a PS5 by calling them on 1300 728 637.

Those who ordered apparently will be able to pick up their PS5 console “by appointment from their local Vodafone store by Tuesday, December 15th.”

Better than nothing I suppose.

At this rate, you might as well try your luck with our PS5 giveaway (or our Xbox Series X one). Though at the state of how things are going in Australia, it looks like we’ll struggle to get a console to give to the winner.