After years in the wilderness, surfacing every once in a while for a show or two, Sydney via Gosford’s Sounds Like Sunset have finally got off the pot and made a new record, their first since 2005’sInvisible. It’s a particularly long slumber to wake up from, but when you’re making music as washed-out and hazy as this, then it’s a much more gentle ease back into the swing of things.

For those that weren’t around the first time, the trio makes shimmering, introverted indie that’s equal parts classic shoegaze (The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine) and jangle-pop (The Posies, Big Star). This hasn’t shifted dramatically between Invisible and now – and, frankly, it didn’t really need to. We Could Leave Tonight is warm and inviting, hardly outstaying its welcome at a lean 35 minutes. Admittedly, the similar vibe of the majority of the tracklisting (save for an acoustic detour towards the end) does make the songs blend together after a time. Even so, what they’ve offered up is a perfectly serviceable, perfectly enjoyable left-of-centre guitar album.

We Could Leave Tonight has its time, its place and its own carved-out niche. It’s as comfortable a comeback as one could ask for.


We Could Leave Tonightis out now through Tym.

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