1. What Do You Look For In A DJ/Producer?

I look for someone who is individual and creative, who’s not afraid to stick to their style and what they know best, and educate people on it.

2. Keeping Busy

Yes, I’m constantly writing and trying new ideas, although I have had a little break because for a while there I was writing every day. I think it’s important to have little breaks so I’m calm and excited to get back into the studio. I’m looking to start touring fairly soon, but hoping to get another EP out there and spread my music on the interwebs more.

3. Best Gig Ever

Probably best gig so far was the time I played at the Sydney Opera House for Vivid festival. I love heading down to Sydney to play, I feel I get a much better response down there and I feel comfortable playing what I produce. Cashmere Cat, Touch Sensitive, Lapalux and I were playing on the night. To me it was an absolute honour to be on the same bill as those guys, especially Lapalux, who I’ve looked up to for a long, long time.

4. Current Playlist

At the moment I’ve been listening to the new Jon Hopkins album. It has a great atmosphere and movement. To me every track feels alive and reacts differently every second of the track. I’ve also just found an artist called Teresa Jenee – I don’t know too much about her but there’s one song called ‘Tahitian Vanilla’ which, to me, has the smoothest vocals I’ve heard on a track.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

My usual rider request is lots of boring beer… but I would love to see a gaming console, 20 Golden Gaytimes, a nice hat, 20,000 Fat Yaks and a half-pipe, with Kenny Anderson shredding and Dom Haddad from Millions to sing me an ’80s glam rock pump up song.

Weathered Straight out now through Future Classic.

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