1. What Do You Look For In A Band/Producer?

In a band, I look for people who are not afraid to let go when they are onstage. It’s very important for me that the band is being true to the audience, and not try to play a role, but just stay themselves but in an ecstatic and focused mindset.

In a producer I look for somewhat similar – a guy or girl who’s not afraid to let go and take chances, and by all means stay true to their art – not trying to sound like the trend of the month like everybody else.

2. Keeping Busy

The last four months I’ve been busy finishing an EP and my debut album – alongside that, I’ve been touring like a lion; loads of European festivals. I can’t wait to play Australia for the first time soon!

3. Best Gig Ever

When you ask me this, I actually feel very privileged, ’cause when I come to think about it, I think I have played a lot [of gigs] where the crowd has been overwhelmingly good to me. But if I should put one in the spotlight, the best gig I’ve played [to] this day was only three weeks back at a university party here in Denmark. The crowd was crazy and in good spirits, and me and my band had been waiting for six hours to get onstage, so when we finally were there and the atmosphere in the tent was enchanting, we just – without speaking – decided to give them a hell of a ride, and we did. I stage dived two times during the show, and that was the first time I’ve ever stage dived! That was magical.

4. Current Playlist

I haven’t been to that many concerts these past months, ’cause when we’re on the road, we almost never have time to stay and we have to mingle, or we are too tired. But the greatest gigs I’ve seen recently [were] MS MR (Reading Festival) and Reptile Youth (Dcode Festival) – I’m a big fan of both bands, and an even bigger fan of the Reptile Youths stage show!

Actually I’m a little boring when it comes to listening to music in my ‘free time’ – ’cause the fact is, I don’t really listen to music when I wander around at home. It [interferes] too much with the music in my head, so I try not to be overstimulated. But to name a few – I’m really into Major Lazer, Twin Shadow, Nirvana and Cat Power at the moment.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

I would have generous goodie bags for all in the band. A fancy waiter who can [do] tricks and shit, and make splendid cocktails and delicious drinks for all of us. Unlimited amounts of sushi. A massage stand and a hot massage dude for me, and some dirty massage chicks for the boys. Healthy wonder soup and a big cosy couch to chill out on.

Mo plays Goodgod Small Club with Kilter on Tuesday October 29.

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