1.Your Profile

My music is heavily influenced by ’60s soul, the rich harmonies of Motown, as well as the dark soulful beats and modern grooves of the UK’s underground music scene. I like to write pop songs about romantic tragedies, things I see in my dreams and past experiences. What I look for in a fan is someone who can connect with my music and who will come to my shows. At my last gig a fan brought me some Haigh’s chocolate, that was pretty rad! A fan who brings you gifts is next level.

2.Keeping Busy

The past few months have been pretty crazy! I played my EP launch in my hometown Melbourne at The Toff in Town last month. It’s been so great to be playing headlining shows again as I’ve spent the last year in the studio focusing on finishing my EP. This week I’ll be doing a few gigs in Sydney as part of my EP launch tour, I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to playing more shows over the summer and getting back into the studio for some more recording.

3.Best Gig Ever

My EP launch at The Toff would definitely have to be one of my favourite gigs I’ve played in a while. It was pretty amazing to have a packed-out room with people singing along to my songs. Everyone in the room was vibing and it just felt like one big massive party.

4.Current Playlist

At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of old-school hip hop – like Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla. I’m loving Beck’s new record, and another artist I can’t get enough of lately is Emily King. The last gig that absolutely blew my mind was seeing Chris Dave and The Drumhedz play at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival earlier this year… I think they played encore for a whole hour! It was one of the most intense yet incredibly satisfying gigs I’ve seen in a while and left me feeling pretty inspired to push my own musical boundaries.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

I’m not a crazy diva so wouldn’t really be needing all that much… A nice bottle of whisky, a pack of cards, some Cherry Ripe and fresh pepperoni and margarita pizza for after the show would suffice.

Rita Satch out now through Independent. Catch her alongsideLana Rita and Hannah Robinson atFBi Social onThursday August 7, tickets online.Also appearing at The Music Lounge, Brookvale on Friday August 8 and Opera Bar on Saturday August 9

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