1.Your Profile

In the corner there is a picture of an old man walking on the beach. In the background is the sunset; the light from the sun is causing some flares on the camera lens and it looks very beautiful. It’s hard to tell from the small picture but the man is missing one tooth. In his right hand he holds a metal detector but it keeps buzzing all the time because the battery is getting low. In his right hand he is holding a seashell, clenching it so tight that it’s causing his hand to bleed a little bit. In the rest of the page description some parts are missing because as he was typing he started to feel ashamed and felt like he was disrespecting the legacy of his dead wife, but he accidentally hit enter so there it is forever on the internet. That’s what our Facebook looks like, check it out and give us the thumbs up!

2.Keeping Busy

We recently finished our new album, Strange But Nice. Since signing off on it we’ve played a few shows here and there. Sometimes we rehearse, write new songs – we’re just a regular band with regular problems. We put out a single called ‘Nowhere’ and a video for that song, which is all on the internet.

3.Best Gig Ever

The show that comes to mind was one we did at a bar in Brighton, England for The Great Escape festival. We played in between an all-girl band called Fever Fever, who were brutal as fuck and just funny and awesome, so we were excited and pumped, then we played and it went great, and then Bass Drum Of Death played after us. The whole thing was just a good night full of power and energy.

4.Current Playlist

Parquet Courts, Mac DeMarco, Protomartyr, The Pogues, The Cars, Kool Keith, The Ocean Party, Bloods, Major Leagues, Hockey Dad, Straight Arrows… and Snowy Nasdaq – he is the best thing I’ve seen lately, he’s kind of like Prince but it’s hard to explain.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

The best rider is backline provided, a room to sleep and hang out, beers… maybe some JКger and Red Bull just in case. Our only request is that you treat us nice, we are human beings and our eyes are up here you pervs.

Catch Step-Panther with Adults and Doom Mountain at Brighton Up Bar on Friday July 4, tickets available online.

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