We all knew that Squid Game would have a huge knock-on cultural impact but I didn’t expect Vans to suddenly start selling through the roof.

The show, in which struggling contestants fight it out by playing various children’s games in order to win a large amount of money, is set to become Netflix’s biggest series ever.

And now, as reported by The Sole Supplier, sales of the completely white Vans shoes has surged by an absolutely huge 7,800% since the Netflix show’s premiere. The humble white slip-on canvas shoe has also reportedly seen an online search boost of around 97%.

Much like the swarm of Harley Quinn outfits that overwhelmed Halloween a few years ago, it seems like literally everyone is planning a Squid Game-related costume for Halloween this year; presumably that’s what all the Vans shoes are for because it certainly isn’t just for fashion reasons.

In Squid Game, the contestants in the survival competition are made to wear a hideous green tracksuit and white Vans combination. They look a lot like those grandmas that power walk around American malls.

And for a show with serious anti-capitalist leanings, it would be wickedly ironic if Vans started an official Squid Game range. In a world where a collaboration like Travis Scott and Maccas is a normal thing, it’s not that far-fetched.

A pair of Vans cost around $109 so you might want to leave out painting a fake blood stain on them if you’re using them for your costume. It might be acceptable on Halloween but if you wear Vans with blood on them anywhere else, questions will be asked.

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What other trends will take off from Squid Game? Surely sales of honeycomb have shot up too?

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