Anyone who ever told you Star Wars wouldn’t get you laid is officially wrong: From a galaxy far, far, far away from the Star Wars you thought you knew, comes The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Star Wars Parody.

This intergalactic burlesque parody is all about the sexy side of life on the Death Star and if the traileris anything to go by, we can expect midriff baring Storm Troopers, flames and a seven-foot wookie, all dancing suggestively to hard rock ballads.

antasy come true or sci-fi nightmare? Either way, you will want to find out. Ready, are you? Adventure, excitement – maybe a Jedi crave these things does not, but if you do then the place to find them, this is. Shut up, Yoda, you’re ruining the mood.

Tickets to The Empire Strips Back are available through the Force. Also, through the Enmore Theatre website, where the show will be playing on Friday May 9 and Saturday May 10.

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