It seems that Streets have launched a 1 litre joint chocolate and banana paddle pop tub and why am I just finding out about this now?

If you were annoyed at having to choose between the chocolate and banana Paddle Pop in the past, then worry no longer. Over at Pedestrian.TV, they’ve made a truly wonderful discovery: a Choc Banana Paddle Pop Tub is now a thing. An entire litre of swirled chocolate and banana ice cream in what could be an iconic mix.

It was those sneaky snack sleuths over at Food Finds Geelong who found that the new frozen treat had slid into Coles stores in late May.

In their review on May 26th, they were mostly positive: “As you can imagine this tastes like a banana and chocolate paddle pop swirled together, just would have liked some texture with maybe some chocolate chips but this was better than the rainbow paddle pop tub 8/10.”

This one will definitely be an acquired taste and, honestly, it doesn’t look all that appetising at first glance, but an 8/10 doesn’t lie. Dark and light, milky and fruity, it also has the potential to be a genuine game-changer.

As it stands, the Choc Banana Paddle Pop Tub seems to mainly be available at Coles but it might be worth checking out the freezers at places like ALDI and IGA as well if you’re keen. And at the time of writing, Coles has the Tub on special for $6 which is great value. Usually 1 litre will set you back $8.

Given that it’s a full litre too, that’s equally enough to share around with some mates or just eat alone over one weekend. Your choice. Probably the latter for me. There’s not really much else to do during lockdown.

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