With only two weeks to go until the anticipated release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, copies have been leaked to the public from an unknown source.

As Motherboard reports, the leak has resulted in game secrets such as the soundtrack and various gameplay systems and modes being spread across online communities, somewhat spoiling the remaining few surprises left for the series’ dedicated fans.

The copies first started circulating a week ago, and it’s believed they’ve come from leaked journalist review code or a wholesaler selling copies early for a hefty profit – although even large sites like Kotaku note that they haven’t yet received review code.

YouTube has been flooded with videos detailing the leaks, but Nintendo has been militant in slapping the offending channels with takedown notices. Reddit and 4chan, meanwhile, are of course packed with info.

One such tidbit of news, confirmed yesterday by VG 24/7, was the appearance of Detective Pikachu as a ‘Spirit’ – a new collectable that replaces the earlier games’ trophies, but can be assigned to characters to give them extra abilities.

While they’re only 2D images rather than fully-modeled 3D statues like the former trophies, Spirits can be leveled up to improve the boosts they provide, and if you don’t care for your current bunch you can trade them in for ‘cores’, used to summon entirely new ones.

Sounds like a way to lose dozens of hours, collecting and leveling, so it’s just as well Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is dropping right ahead of the end-of-year break.

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If you want to hear about all of the latest leaks, the r/smashbros thread on Reddit has you covered – and Nintendo’s own Nintendo Direct released three weeks ago will fill you in on all of the official details.

But if you’d rather keep a few things a surprise, be sure to steer well clear until December 7.

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