Throughout the current season of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Simon Mee and George Mladenov have repeatedly butted heads.

Their feud kicked off in the first episode and escalated when Simon secretly burnt George’s hat in the tribal council fire. George later pinned Simon for purposely sharing a fake idol, and created a huge target on his back. The two men have had an ongoing vendetta against each other and tried time and time again to get each other booted from the tribe.

However, in a recent interview, Simon has surprisingly vouched for George, saying that the pair have a great relationship and said that George has gone out of his way to make sure Simon is okay.

“George and I are in touch quite a bit and he is a very different person outside of the game,” he told TV Week. “He’s known that I’ve been doing it pretty tough the last few weeks and he’s been one of the few people to take the time to check in on me. I really appreciated that.”

In the same interview, Simon said that he was ostracised from the rest of the group during his time on the reality show. He told the publication that it was “very, very clear” that he was on the bottom of the alliance.

“I wasn’t part of all the conversations, I was still sleeping outside the shelter, I never got to share the blanket,” he explained. “It was really lonely.
“Even when Liz [Parnov] served the food, watching her scoop small half-scoops for me and not being able to say anything about it… it was so heartbreaking.”
Yesterday, Simon deleted revealing tweets about some of his fellow contestants and the inner workings of the game. The tweet in question was a meme about a scene on the show where Simon was reprimanded by Gerry because he put the camp’s firewood in the wrong place.
“Poor Simon, can’t even get firewood duties done right #survivorau,” the meme account captioned the post.

It appears that Simon was trawling the Survivor hashtag, as he came across the post and commented on it.

“You can always tell alot about the pecking orders of the tribe by the sleeping arrangements. Gerry slept in the middle of the shelter with the blanket every night. But when he collected firewood, he stacked it down the end of the shelter which also happened to be my bed.”

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In a second tweet, Simon said that he would have to shift the wood every time he wanted to lie down.

Fellow player, Matt Sharp, backed up Simon’s claims. He wrote: “This is legit very true. Never sleep on the edge of the bed at camp. I’d let you sleep on top of me if you wanted to, Simo.”

Simon replied to Matt, saying: “Thanks, Matt. I remember how excited I was when I was able to fit under the tarp for the first time after Shaun left.”

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