Today, a colleague and I decided to gap it from work at the very last minute and beeline it to the Climate Strike rally at The Domain. It was probably a very irresponsible thing to do because I completely cooked it and failed to inform any of my higher-ups, so if any of my bosses are reading this — I’m sorry for my reckless impulsivity.

It was one of those weird things where I spent the entire morning feeling like history was brewing and I was actively choosing not to participate it by staying at work. Anyway, this was a bad, naval-gazing way of opening up an article that is entirely NOT about me but about THE EARTH AS WE KNOW IT.

If you were at the Sydney Climate Strike rally today, firstly, congratulations — truly. We all know how anxiety-inducing it can be asking your boss for time off work or your parent if you can bunk of school for a couple of hours. So you, being there, rallying for the planet is a victory in itself.