For a lot of people these days, travelling isn’t so much about the experience as being able to document it on Instagram.

If you happen to live in a nice neighbourhood, you’ll be used to the sight of tourists incessantly posing away, trying to capture that perfect shot.

Have you ever wondered which neighbourhood around the world is snapped on Instagram the most? Of course you bloody have and thanks to the fine folks at, we have an answer.

They compiled a list of 50 of the coolest global neighbourhoods, using sources such as Complex and Time Out, choosing the neighbourhoods that most often came up. Each location was then entered into Instagram and the number of tags noted. The name of the place was used along with other relevant tags.

Let’s cover Australia first, with two of the country’s hippest neighbourhoods making the top 50. With a huge 599,156 hashtags on Instagram, Sydney’s Surry Hills just missed out on the top 10, landing at 11th place. I’m sure there will be a few shocked influencers in Bondi after finding this out.

Melbourne’s Yarraville reached 19th with 267,002 tags, ranking second in the whole of Australia. And with areas like Fitzroy and Collingwood to compete with, that’s quite the impressive feat.

And the grand overall winner is… Wynwood, Miami? With an astounding 5.2 million pictures tagged, the area known for its trendy street art came out on top. Haven’t they heard of Melbourne’s laneways?

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The top five was rounded out by Tokyo’s Shinjuku (2.9 million hashtags), with its stunning cityscape, New York City’s Astoria (2.2 million hashtags), surprisingly a neighbourhood in Queens and not Manhattan or Brooklyn, Pretoria East in South Africa (1.9 million hashtags), and the hip Silver Lake in Los Angeles (1.3 million hashtags).

You can check out the rest of the top 50 below and wonder why your own neighbourhood didn’t make the cut.

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The 50 most Instagrammed neighbourhoods in the world:

Wynwood (Miami) – 5.2 million hashtags
Shinjuku (Tokyo) – 2.9 million hashtags
Astoria (New York City) – 2.2 million hashtags 
Pretoria (Tshwane) – 1.9 million hashtags
Silver Lake (Los Angeles) – 1.3 million hashtags
Burano (Venice) – 1.2 million hashtags
Champs-Élysées (Paris) – 1.1 million hashtags
Hongdae (Seoul) – 1.1 million hashtags
Chefchaouen (Chefchaouen) – 971,000 hashtags
Brera (Milan) – 607,000 hashtags
Surry Hills (Sydney) – 599,00 hashtags
Nakameguro (Tokyo) – 565,000
Peckham (London) – 555,000 hashtags
Arnavutköy (Istanbul) – 523,000 hashtags
Vesterbro (Copenhagen) – 358,000 hashtags
Thonglor (Bangkok) – 322,00 hashtags
Business Bay (Dubai) – 309,000 hashtags
Lombard Street (San Francisco) – 303,000 hashtags
Yarraville (Melbourne) – 267,000 hashtags
Old Havana (Havana) – 217,000 hashtags
Kallio (Helsinki) – 203,000 hashtags
Lijiang (Yunnan Province) – 190,000 hashtags
Kolonaki (Athens) – 172,000 hashtags
Narvarte (Mexico City) – 155,000 hashtags
Centrum (Warsaw) – 154,000 hashtags
Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen Island) – 145,000 hashtags
Maboneng (Johannesburg) – 130,000 hashtags
Tiong Bahru (Singapore) – 129,000 hashtags
Corktown (Detroit) – 128,000 hashtags
The Philosopher’s Path (Kyoto) – 120,000 hashtags
Sham Shui Po (Kowloon) – 116,000 hashtags
Porta Venezia (Milan) – 108,000 hashtags
Alvalade (Lisbon) – 83,000 hashtags
Water Street (Brooklyn) – 75,000 hashtags
The Shambles (York) – 68,000 hashtags
Ladbroke Grove (London) – 63,000 hashtags
Mariahilfer-Strasse (Vienna) – 54,000 hashtags
Setenil de las Bodegas (Cádiz) – 42,000 hashtags
Gemmayze (Beirut) – 41,000 hashtags
Sinsa-dong (Seoul) – 40,000 hashtags
Stoneybatter (Dublin) – 23,000 hashtags
Zhoushan (Province of Zhejiang) – 20,000 hashtags
Zeeburg (North Holland) – 19,000 hashtags
Verdun (Quebec) – 19,000 hashtags
Historic Filipinotown (Los Angeles) – 18,000 hashtags
La Boca (Buenos Aires) – 17,800 hashtags
Rua do Bom Jesus (Recife Antigo) – 12,000 hashtags
Gongguan (Taipei) 0- 11,000 hashtags
Taman Paramount (Selangor) – 4,000 hashtags

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