Sydney live music venue Frankie’s Pizza has had vintage memorabilia stolen by thieves from the wall of its ‘Fun Room’ bathroom.

The favourite destination for pizza and rock’n’roll debauchery its brimming with music and cultural memorabilia, but now the collection is a little smaller thanks to thieves, who stole a wall’s worth of items over the weekend.

A statement on Frankie’s Facebook page says:

“The spirit of Frankie’s lives on each and every piece of vintage memorabilia you’ve stolen off our Fun Room bathroom wall. It will sit displaced on your mantle, observing your bad sex and LOLing with each and every awkward and misguided thrust.

We don’t mind too much as there’s no shortage of cool shit in our arsenal to erect and fill the gaps, but, it does feel necessary to share our cryptic retort to your sad and childish thievery. We’ve welcomed you into our house, we’ve donated our curation of live music, we’ve even offered the opportunity to meet, greet and seal the carnal deal with any number of the gorgeous guys and gals who frequent our digs….. On a silver plate, and free of charge.

As we’ve welcomed you, we ask that you welcome the thick and webby torrents of cum drenched karma headed your way. Eyes wide open please.

Cool? Cool!”

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