Liquor & Gaming NSW clearly forgot we were on the other side of the globe when unleashing their draconian lockout laws, and that many adult soccer fans would quite enjoy the chance to sit in a pub with others and watch the match live on the big screen, yelling at players, talking about Harry Kewell still, all that fun stuff.

They have temporarily amended this madness, announcing that NSW hotels and clubs screening the Socceroos games at the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia over the next few weeks will be able to trade beyond standard times.

According to a press release: “Venues screening live telecasts of Cup matches involving the Socceroos will be able to take advantage of the later trading”, although the way in which they word the extended times suggests that on certain days the pub will have to close, turn away people, then reopen at 4am for an hour. Not quite the match-winning goal we were hoping for, but it’s another sign that the silliness is slowly ending.

Also, I’m pretty sure soccer matches go for at least 90 minutes, plus stoppage.

Venues can open for the following times to screen Confederations Cup matches in which the Socceroos are playing: 20 June, 23 June, 26 Junemidnight to 5am; 29 June, 30 June, 3 July4am to 5am. 

Not to put too fine an italicised point on it, but should a multi-cultural society really be making such a grand gesture, then limiting it to those who happen to follow Australia’s teams?

“The extended trading will not change Sydney’s last drinks and lockouts laws or the sale of takeaway alcohol statewide”, Liquor & Gaming NSW reminds us.

In related news, The Star casino can still do as it pleases. They’ll probably screen the soccer, too.

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