There’s no secret that Sydney’s costs of living are notoriously high. That combined with the fact that lockout laws have plagued our streets with venue closures means that getting around on a night out may not be the easiest of tasks.

A new study conducted by investment banking company UBS has found that Sydney is the 6th most expensive city in the world to enjoy a night out in. The study judged the average price of a night out based on the cost of club entry, two cocktails, a taxi ride and one Big Mac (sounds like a total riot!).

Sydney’s overall cost came in at $62.78 – which to most people who live in Sydney will know would be a total stretch, if you wanted to have a night out that didn’t end at 9pm. According to the graph below, two cocktails will set you back at least $15 dollars, with a cab ride costing approximately $10-$11.

Zurich came in as the most expensive city in the world to get your groove on in, with Mexico City proving to be the cheapest city to go out in, with a night out apparently only coming to $20.35.

Check out the entire list below:

If you’re finding yourself short for cash (but still want to have a good time), pick up this months issue of the Brag, and you can cop yourself a free taco, then head to one of these Vivid gigs that’ll set you back less than $2o OR grab free tickets to the closing night of Sydney Film Festival. 

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