The Royal Botanic Garden is currently hosting a beautiful horticultural display All About Flowers, in their newly designed Calyx — which, despite the cool name, is neither a car manufactured by Volvo in the ’80s, nor a baddie from the Mortal Kombat series.

Anyway, the exhibition is open daily until August 2, after which point the options were to either dump the plants in that discarded airplane hangar near Tempe tip, or to sell these to residents of our fine city for a gold coin. Luckily, they chose the latter option, and over 18,000 of these plants will be on sale on Saturday, August 5, from 8am until they sell out – or until the plants become sentient and start to defend their monetary worth.

We’re talking Moth Orchids, we’re talking Begonias, you’ve got ya Hydrangeas, and obviously the fan-favourite: the Garvineas. Orchids will go for $10, which is still a steal, and you need to bring your own basket, bag or trolley to cart the plants away, as this isn’t a god-damn nursery. Obviously bring coins too; don’t be the one with the $50, or the one asking if they “do card”.

The money will help Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens keep making things pretty, and continue various research projects going on in the Gardens.

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