It’s very easy to complain about public transport in a major city, but even those used to the usual CityRail shambles have to concede that last week’s combination of lightning strikes, staff shortages, and delayed/cancelled trains was one of the more memorable travel clusterfucks the city has seen in a while.

Well, today is set to be even worse, with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union having weeks ago earmarked today (Jan 15) as “a particularly challenging day” due to what NSW Secretary Alex Claassens dismissed as “foreseen events.”

38 services have been cut from today’s timetables, with others (not included in the 38) being replaced by buses. In addition, are reporting that repairs at the major Hornsby junction will slow things further.

In short, avoid the trains today.

Sydney Trains chief Howard Collins tried to put a happy spin on the situation this morning on Sunrise.

“I think it is true to say, I have been into the control room upstairs, things are running well”, he claimed, although he couldn’t avoid the truth of the matter.

“Yes there are some delays. That is factually true. I wouldn’t call disruptions at this stage.

“I can never guarantee a perfect service but I can assure you my front-line staff, every train driver, every guard is working hard to get people into city today and out of Sydney around the network.”

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