American fast-food conglomerate Taco Bell has announced that they plan to open up shop in Melbourne this Summer. So if spending one of the few remaining Summer’s we probably have left on this earth lining up for takeaway Mexican food that’ll probably leave you dissatisfied is your vibe… rejoice!

Taco Bell has already opened up five stores in Queensland. Bell-enthusiasts camped out overnight in anticipation for the Queensland store openings. Only time will tell if Melbournians are equally as fanatic about glorified Zambreros — It’s Australia’s cultural capital, doll.

There’s no word yet as to where the Melbourne instalment of Taco Bell is set to open up, only the vague promise that it will be located somewhere in the “inner-east.”

Fans of the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch will be thrilled to learn that these menu items will be making their way to Melbz.

And we have arrived in…. MELBOURNE with our craveable Mexican-inspired menu! 🛬🌮🌆Still scoping out living arrangements but stay tuned ‘cause you’ll be calling us Melburnians real soon! 🌮🥳

Posted by Taco Bell Australia onWednesday, 4 September 2019