It’s been a long time coming for Aussie fans of Mexican food and the Australian summer, with Taco Bell kicking things off in Melbourne with its world first Tram Thru experience.

Ever since Taco Bell launched in the US back in 1962, international travellers have been wondering when the iconic restaurant might make its way to Aussie shores.

While a handful of attempts have seen the chain come and go, 2017 saw the arrival of Taco Bell in Brisbane, with its first Melbourne store opening this weekend.

To celebrate their opening on Saturday, December 7th, the Victorian store will be offering up free food in the most Melbourne way possible; with a Tram Thru restaurant.

Image of Taco Bell's iconic tacos

“Just what on Earth is a Tram Thru,” you ask? It’s a fair question, with a delicious answer!

Between 12pm and 3pm on Friday, December 6th, every single tram that runs past Taco Bell’s new South Yarra restaurant will emulate a full Tram Thru experience.

Meeting at stop #51, all folks have to do is place their order, board the tram, and then they’ll score their free meal as they pass the new restaurant at 352 Chapel Street, with the first 100 riders receiving free Myki fare to get them there.

Offering up the famous Crunchwrap Supreme, Tortilla Chips (with Nacho Cheese sauce), and Churros (with Chocolate dipping sauce), it’s an amazing way to welcome an iconic brand to Aussie shores.

Can’t make it to the tram on your lunch hour? Don’t fret, because the first offical day for Taco Bell’s Melbourne location takes place this Saturday, with doors swinging open from 10am.

While the first 62 fans through the door (in honour of the first year that Taco Bell opened) will receive exclusive limited-edition merchandise, one lucky fan is set to receive free Taco Bell for an entire year, undoubtedly serving as the best prize any hungry attendee could win.

“We are extremely excited to introduce Taco Bell to the food capital of the nation, in what will be a quintessential Melbourne launch,” explained Tamika Nelsen, Marketing Manager of Taco Bell Australia.

“The announcement of our arrival has already generated an overwhelming response and we look forward to sharing this unique and fun experience with our Melbourne fans.”

For more info, be sure to head to the Taco Bell website.