If you’re still trying to buy yourself a brand new Xbox Series X then Telstra could soon become your knight in shining armour.

It’s been a bloody minute since gamers have been able to pick themselves up an Xbox Series X. In fact, the last time we reported about Big W having even the slightest hint was back in April. Hard to believe it’s been about a year since the console (alongside the PS5) hit our shores and the shortages don’t look to be improving anytime soon.

But hold onto your butts, dear gamers, because Telstra may soon be your Xbox Series X saviour. The development comes from Press Start, who noticed that the telco has put available stock back onto its website. A little digging of our own shows that to still be the case at time of writing, however it’s worth noting that nabbing the Xbox Series X via this method is not an entirely straightforward process.

To do so, you must become part of the company’s Xbox All Access program. Essentially, you pay $0 upfront, but once it’s delivered you must fork out monthly payments for 24 months. For the Xbox Series X that monthly fee is $46, bringing it to a minimum cost of $1104.

It sounds steep, however the deal does include a subscription to Xbox Games Pass Ultimate (which will set average gamers $15.95 per month), so all-in-all the deal isn’t totally terrible.

The only other caveat to all this is that you need to have a Telstra month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan to be eligible to add on Xbox All Access. Tick all those boxes and you can head over to the site right here.

If you don’t want whip out the ol’ abacus to work out if the Telstra deal is worth it for you, we don’t blame you. Alternatively, may we suggest sussing out other retailers for the Series X via this handy tracker.

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