A source claiming to be a former classmate of Jed McIntosh has alleged that the bachelor was never bullied in school like he claims.

Well, this has got to be awkward for Jed McIntosh – some time ago, the The Bachelor star claimed he was bullied in high school for being a ‘straight man who dresses flamboyantly.’

Now, So Dramatic! reports that a source claiming to be a former classmate of Jed’s has called bullshit on his claims. The source alleges Jed was never bullied in school – in fact, it might have been quite the opposite.

Disputing Jed’s claims of bullies physically assaulting him and pulling his ‘fake nails off,’ the source alleged: “I went to school with Jed. He was one of the cool kids at school. Super up himself… He was never ‘alternative’. He was just a standard private schoolboy.”

The source admitted they were ‘flabbergasted’ by what Jed had said about his high-school experience, and alleged: “He was someone that would be mean to other people.”

The source also claimed that even Jed’s claims of painting his nails were off. “He never used to paint his nails [when] he was in my class… He just said he got bullied and bashed at school and his nails ripped off! Absolutely full of lies.”

They added: “He was the type to pick on others, he was popular and never bullied… He was always fishing for attention.”

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We may not know the truth about Jed’s high-school days, but the bachelor has not taken kindly to being ridiculed for his looks in the present day as well. Some time ago, he called out trolls for calling him a Machine Gun Kelly rip-off, saying: “I love Machine Gun Kelly, I’ve met him before and he’s a really nice guy. I think it’s a compliment. It’s definitely not offensive to me but yeah, we are two totally different people.”

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