There are 37 editions of The Bachelor across the world, but Australia is adopting a new splashy world-first format that will see them make history.

Whether it’s the O.G. The Bachelor America, our homegrown The Bachelor Australia, or an exotic version like The Bachelor Vietnam, there’s one similarity between them all; on the first episode, the suitors briefly meet their Bachelor on a red carpet in front of a mansion.

However, this format is reportedly going to be scrapped in the upcoming Aus season, according to So Dramatic!. The podcast host has revealed that contestants will actually plan their own one on one date to experience with the Bachelor – and that it can take place anywhere in Australia.

“One source tells So Dramatic! that there are no red carpet arrivals, slash meet and greets this season this year,” host Megan Pustetto said.

“Instead they are doing flash first dates…. The contestants will have an actual one on one date with the Bachelor before going into the mansion.

“The suitors get to decide on the date. where it will be and what they will be doing. Producers have been asking contestants who have gotten on the show to come up with a date idea themselves. They can choose to go anywhere in the country – wherever they like – and do whatever they like. Nothing is off-limits. They just asked that the date shows their personality off.”

Pustetto added, “It is a chance for them to show the Bachelor who they are and what they’re all about and to see if they have a genuine connection or chemistry together. So, they get to spend actual quality time together to see if they are a potential match and then they both have an option to pull out.

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“The bachelor will say ‘do you want to come to the mansion?” and she can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and he can also choose to not invite her to the mansion if he’s not vibing her, either.”

Pustetto continued to share more juicy gossip about the upcoming season of the Bachelor, which is said to begin filming next week, revealing that one of the most popular dates from the US show will be introduced into the Australian version.

“My bestie is auditioning for Bachelor and has made it through to the next round,” a source told Pustetto. “Best news, apparently this year there will be fantasy suites.”

The source added, “Also, the producers probed her re her sex life for this season”.

In overseas formats, fantasy suites occur when the Bachelor has whittled down his choices to the final three. The bachelor and his choices go on three individual dates, and at the end of the date, the contestant can choose if they’d like to spend the night with The Bachelor. If they choose to, they can enjoy a camera free night – and a luxurious hotel – with the Bach, and are allowed to have sex with them if they want to.

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Listen to all the upcoming changes to The Bachelor Australia on the So Dramatic! podcast:

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