The polyamorous relationship between Jess and her boyfriend Damien has been a dominating storyline on this year’s season of The Bachelors. 

However, as the season has gone on, viewers have begun to question whether Jess and Damien are technically polyamorous, after all, they both admitted they’d like to settle down with just one person eventually.

Now, Jess reveals exactly why she didn’t want to get in an exclusive relationship with her boyfriend, Damien.

“I explained to Damian, ‘Look, I don’t really want to be settling down in Townsville’. I either wanted to move overseas or like move out of Queensland,” Jess said during an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning.

She added: “I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to kind of put all of my eggs in one basket at that point in time in my life.

“We knew that it was going to be a long-term thing [but] that there was always going to be an expiration date.”

Since appearing on the show, Jess has told her The Bachelors’ suitor Felix, that she’s willing to consider starting an exclusive relationship with him. She also admitted to her polyamorous partner, Damien, that she wouldn’t want him seeing anyone else. Technically, polyamory is when two consenting adults share a committed relationship and are able to pursue other committed relationships outside of that one.

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In episode three of The Bachelors, which aired on last week, contestant Tash outed Jessica as polyamorous, before she had the chance to tell Felix. When her co-star Jasmine stood up for Jessica, Tash told the women that Jasmine had OnlyFans.

“The fact that Tash completely threw Jessica under the bus and now my information got shared without my permission, it’s so unbelievably disgusting to see someone act like that,” Jasmine told producers in her confessional at the time.

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