The Bachelors is suddenly in its final week – despite starting just two weeks ago – and betting odds have indicated that there are three women clearly in the lead to receive a final rose each and be crowned the 2023 winners.

Popular gambling site Pointsbet has pinned three women most likely to be Felix, Thomas and Jed’s final picks. Leah has the  lowest return, meaning she has had the most amount of money bet on her to take home Thomas’ final rose. At the time of writing, she had a return of $1.10, which means if someone bets $1.00 on her, they will take home $1.10, if they bet $10.00 on them they will take home $11.00 and so on.

As for Felix, punters believe he’s most likely to end up with polyamorous contestant Jessica, however, his second most likely choice is “doing a honey badger” and leaving the show single. Meanwhile, betters believe that Jed will choose Alesia, and her odds sit at a low $1.20.

Check out the current odds for each Bachelor below:


  • Jessica $1.50
  • Leaves without a relationship $2.50
  • Tilly $5
  • Krystal $13


  • Leah $1.10
  • Lauren $7
  • Kiki $10
  • Jasmine $13


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  • Alesia $1.20
  • Leaves without a relationship $4.50
  • Tash $7.50
  • Bella $13

Sportsbet posts commonly create categories for popular Australian reality shows, and let people place best about who they think will win. In the past, the contestants who have better odds have often ended up winning the show.

While the past has suggested that low dollar values are linked to a high chance that the participant will win, it’s important to note that insider trading is strictly banned on the platform.

Gambling problems can have severe personal consequences as well as have significant impacts on families and communities. If you are struggling with a gambling problem or addiction, you can speak to someone by calling Problem Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.

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