While Dylan and Jenny might still be looking for a buyer for their The Block property, their renovated house looks like a dream.

Dylan and Jenny’s luxury property on The Block might still be looking for its forever buyer, but the couple are already well on their way to turning things around with their new home. Turns out, the duo have already renovated their Gold Coast property – which they coincidentally moved into shortly before appearing on The Block

Posting pictures of the house and its progress on Instagram, Jenny and Dylan added: “Couldn’t be happier to stand here and look at how far we’ve come with this build. We can’t wait for our next project, to do it all again. The pool is ready just in time for summer. How good.”

The couple moved into the property in mid-November, although they purchased the ‘little blue beach shack’ in February 2021. With the house also came the news that they would be headed to The Block 2022: “We started this project a year ago; literally just the two of us built it together. Halfway through our build, we found out that we had been accepted on #TheBlock 2022! [sic]”.

Dylan and Jenny’s stint on the show, however, was not as successful. After the polarising finale, they were one of the contestants who were unable to sell their properties. Their house, in fact, remains the only property from this year’s The Block to have not been sold yet – although, judging by the pictures that a fan recently shared on Reddit, it may not entirely be their fault. 

As fans pointed out, the houses from the show were too closely situated to each other, compromising privacy for the residents. Some also took issue with the architecture, pointing out that the mix of modern and classic elements was jarring, to say the least. 

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