After a fan of The Block posted pictures of the houses this year, people think these are the reasons why some houses didn’t sell. 

The Block may be over – but the drama and the speculation sure as hell is not. This season was easily one of the more dramatic and polarising runs in the history of the show, with contestants clashing with their teams, production being pulled up for rigging and less than ideal working conditions, and the post-auction revelation of the alleged connection between winners Omar and Oz and two of the bidders

Amidst all of the drama is also the fact that not all of the houses on ‘The Block’ managed to sell this year. At the end of the auction, two of the contestants – Ankur and Sharon, and Dylan and Jenny – were unable to find bidders for their houses.

While Ankur and Sharon managed to sell their property to controversial bidder Adrian Portelli, Jenny and Dylan are still looking for buyers. 

Now, photos posted by a fan on Reddit has sparked discussion about some of the reasons the houses might not have been able to sell – lack of privacy and the jarring clash of old and new architectural styles, to name a few. 

“Most other big houses in the area seem to have very bushy blocks with a preference towards a heritage style. I could see the appeal of the houses on the hill in terms of the view and the privacy of houses 1 and 2.” one Redditor said.

Another added: “The envelopes were way too close. Who wants to buy a big block like and still be 30 metres from your neighbours kitchen window.

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“I was wondering if it was to do with them sharing the power grid/water etc and they didn’t want to space them too far apart. But whatever reason, as a buyer I wouldn’t want to be that close to my neighbour on such a large block.” the comment continued.

Some fans pointed out that even if the houses sold, it would take years before they could sport any flora that could act as a cover. 

The Redditor continued: “Going past you could really see the factors beyond the contestants’ control that made selling all these houses really difficult.”

Others had a problem with the clashing architectural styles in the houses, which subtracted from the overall appeal. “They look ridiculous, strapping a modern black cube to the side of a heritage home is just weird,” one comment read.

Another added: “God the old and new is jarring, no architectural linkages at all. How they are $4m plus is crazy.” 

“From a distance those “modern” additions look like cat puke in that terrain and next to the vintage homes. I really wish the producers had taken a little extra time and money to design something more harmonious…” another Redditor wrote.

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