Need something to watch in iso? We’ve got you covered, as The Brag Podcast chatted with Skegss to detail all the ins and outs of being a successful, Aussie band.

The Brag Media’s own CEO, Luke Girgis, had a social distancing-aware chat with bassist Toby ‘Two-Strings’ Cregan of the Aussie outfit Skegss about how things go in the world of music, for us fans who are none-the-wiser to backstage business.

Starting things off, Girgis welcomes Cregan to the show by buttering up the musician a little bit, and saying that “Skeggs is one of my favourite Australian bands” and that “to have him on the first show is a huge privilege”.

Diving head first, Girgis questions Cregan about the best show the band has ever played, with 2019 seeing the garage rock outfit taking their biggest venues yet.

“When you see that many people there,” Cregan details, “trying to watch your band, it’s just…I don’t know…it tripped me out,” seeing him then continue with the antics of the day leading up to that moment.

Diving even deeper, Girgis continues by asking what the band envisioned for themselves, and how they got past the hump of bands not gaining traction once triple j stops playing with them.

“A lot of bands will be really, sort of, bummed out when things don’t go their way, or they don’t get played on the radio,” Cregan said.

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“We had this song, ‘LSD’ out, and we though it was pretty good, and stuff, but it wasn’t getting played on the radio, and we decided at that point, like, ‘oi, who fuckin’ cares’,” and noted that since the band already plays to heaps of people, “as if that matters?”

Continuing through, The Brag Podcast highlights the fact that Skegss once had four members to their name, and also sees Cregan go into detail about the only brand deal the band has ever done, how they pick their support acts, and even what they think they’ll be up to in the year 2045.

Keen to check out the rest of Girgis’ talk with Cregan from Skegss? You can download the podcast here, or you can watch the magic below.

Check out the full episode of ‘Toby from Skegss’ by The Brag Podcast: