To say that online-only games have had a bit of a rough trot of late is an understatement. 

Fallout 76 was riddled with bugs, disappointed fans and looked down the barrel of a lawsuit, while Anthem… yeah, it’s still a little broken. Considering the sad state of affairs, it comes as a welcome complete surprise that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 not only works, but is a lot of fun to play as well.

This time you’re thrust into the boots of a legendary Division Agent in DC seven months after the outbreak of a deadly virus has crippled the city, meaning your job isn’t to save the world so much as what remains.

You shouldn’t expect a page-turner of a story (especially with your voiceless character), but you’ll hardly notice once you settle into the game’s looter-shooter loop which remains constantly engaging.

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The Division 2’s world is filled with control points to take over, hostages to save or missions to tackle. Round up a few friends to create a squad and the enjoyment is only amplified as you work together to build strategies for tackling new areas and besting your foes.

If you don’t have a squad, you can still play through the entire experience alone, but be warned that it’s going to feel pretty brutal. Enemies will do their best to charge you, flank you, and just make your world-saving desires a living hell, meaning finding the perfect spot for cover will be critical to your survival.

Even the least-threatening of enemies can undo your progress which is certainly frustrating, but the eventual sense of accomplishment is always incredible.

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Thankfully that frustration is alleviated by the fact that new gear is never far away.

Whether you’re after new kneepads or hoping for a rifle with better stability, it’s all dropped at a pretty steady clip, meaning you’ll never grow tired or your loadout – especially as you continue to tinker with the various skills on offer.

The Division 2 takes everything you liked about the original game and then refines it into a smoother product. Provided the community sticks around in DC, this is one world with some serious legs.

You can buy The Division 2 here.