We check out the new HyperX Cloud III Wireless gaming headset to see if the fresh upgrade is worth your hard-earned money.

Despite only just launching its new Cirro Buds Pro, HyperX are back at it again and ready to wow you with its HyperX Cloud III Wireless headset. Following on from its very successful predecessor, the Cloud II Wireless, it makes sense that this third iteration doesn’t stray from the formula too much.

As a result, the same core template remains in place here, albeit with a few welcome tweaks that your head will appreciate. Earpads on the Cloud III Wireless, for example, are thicker (preventing your ears from touching the internal drivers) while the frame features redesigned forks and a more durable buckle.

These might not be show stopping features, but it certainly shows when you hold the Cloud III Wireless in the hand – it’s a bloody sturdy unit that is more than capable of its fair share of wear and tear and still manages to feel pretty comfy on the noggin. The downside to all that is that there’s no flexibility in the can themselves, meaning you can’t lie them flat if you wanted to throw them into a bag or take them travelling, which is a real shame.

The Cloud III Wireless’ biggest claim to fame though is its battery life, rocking a truly astounding 120 hours of game time. It’s an even more impressive feat considering its predecessor clocked in at around 30. I highly doubt your uninterrupted gaming sessions extend past the 100-hour mark, but these cans are more than up for the task if you do. Even more conveniently though, it saves you having to worry about charging up, or swapping out battery packs every couple of days like many other major competitors.

Audio output is also commendable for a mid-range headset and did well to deliver spatial audio gaming during our time with Immortals of Aveum, for example, with plenty of bass, decent clarity and more than enough volume.

It’s less successful when listening to music and isn’t always great at delivering a well-rounded soundstage, but considering the only connection option is via wireless dongle (Bluetooth is sadly not included) you’ll probably mainly be gaming with the Cloud III Wireless. The microphone is also not as strong as something like Razer’s BlackShark V2 Pro, but I did appreciate the fact that it’s detachable and is still more than suitable for party chats or Discord calls.

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Where this leaves the HyperX Cloud III Wireless is as an admirable all-rounder that might not be for everyone but is well worth looking into. With the option to connect to PC, Switch, and PS5 and some mobile devices, there’s a great amount of flexibility on offer.

Add in the strong build and even stronger battery life, and there’s little doubt that the Cloud III Wireless will continue to be a popular choice.

The HyperX Cloud III Wireless headset is available to buy at JB-Hi-Fi for $279.

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