Everyone knows that breakfast time is crucial for growing kids, but I was really struggling to get my girls to eat breakfast in the morning.

Not surprisingly, research from Kellogg’s has shown 40% of Aussie parents are also struggling when it comes to getting their kids eating in the morning. After hearing about this statistic, I was on a mission to help combat this problem not only in my own household but also for other dads across the country.

I decided to team up with Kellogg’s to create kid-proof breakfast bowl creations that were easy enough for dads to make in the mornings and also get their kids excited about eating breakfast.

The best part of my new recipe creations is the fun nature of these recipes means my girls actually want to get involved in the preparation and cooking process in the morning. This not only helps speed up breakfast time, but it also means they’re excited to eat their breakfasts because they’ve personally helped to create it.

George’s Breakfast Bowl Creations

1. Pink Rice Bubbles Smoothie Bowl

My girls are definitely visual eaters, so I developed the Pink Rice Bubbles Smoothie Bowl recipe which looks great and tastes even better. This recipe is a really great way to mix up the classic cereal and milk combo in the morning which I know at least my kids are sick of, and gets them excited to eat in the morning.

It’s a really simple blend of berries, yoghurt and honey, with a layer of Rice Bubbles on top to add that extra bit of crunch.

george and his Rice Bubbles Smoothie Bowl
Rice Bubbles Smoothie Bowl

2. Just Right Cinnamon Bowl

If your little ones are sick and tired of porridge in the mornings, why not try my Just Right Cinnamon Bowl recipe? This recipe was inspired after hearing my girls complain ‘not this again’ when I served them their daily porridge. This breakfast bowl has the classic cinnamon flavour, but sweetened with a twist of pear.

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Just Right Cinnamon Bowl dad
Just Right Cinnamon Bowl

3. Banana Flakes Bowl

This recipe has quickly become one of my kids and one of my own personal morning favourites because it’s not only fun to make but it’s also fun to eat. This breakfast bowl combines honey, banana, Corn Flakes and yogurt to create a sweet and crunchy morning treat.

banana-flakes cornflakes
Banana Flakes Bowl

4. Rice Bubbles Waffles

Waffles have always been a ‘special occasion’ breakfast in my household, so I decided to develop the Rice Bubbles Waffle recipe so that I could treat my girls once a week but not feel guilty about it.

This creation has been a huge success in my household and they love when I add fresh berries and honey as a garnish to add extra natural sweetness. The great thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to own a waffle maker if you don’t own one – a grill pan will do!

From developing these breakfast bowl recipes, I’ve realised that variety is key for creating the perfect bowl, whether it’s adding crunchy apples for new texture or honey as a sweet alternative. I hope that these recipes provide dad’s with a few new ideas to try out on their toughest critics.

george Rice Bubbles Waffles
Rice Bubbles Waffles

American Express Magazine crowned George Georgievski the ‘most inspiring lunch creator in the world’. Known as ‘the school lunchbox dad’, George is an engaged parent to two daughters. He is a joker, a prankster and an unashamed daggy ‘dad joker’, who has taken to Instagram to share his inspirational creations at @schoollunchbox

George’s healthy and fun bento-style lunchbox creations has seen him get the art of lunch making down to a 5-minute task.

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