It really has been some wild and crazy times. It’s been an even crazier time for retail therapy and we’ve all been giving Aus Post a red hot run for their money.

While it’s been an awfully long time since we were afforded the luxury of perusing our favourite retail stores, many of us  have turned to online shopping in the interim.

There is so much joy that online retail therapy brings. Especially because these days one of the few things we have to look forward to is our next parcel.

The process of online window shopping, finally making the purchase and then the time comes for it to finally arrive is just so addictive.

I mean, receiving a package is exciting most of the time, excluding those other times when it feels more like a walk of shame. That is obviously for those non-necessities. (Frustration at extended delays for essential items is a different story.)

That’s why right now, Australia Post is trending on Twitter and if you wanted to realise that you’re not the only one mad at your parcel taking way too long to arrive. Log on.

People are not only angry at the delays, they’ve taken it to the Twittersphere too.

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Not only have expressed their grievances for delays, many have also noted that parcels aren’t being delivered as usual.

As reported by Nine NewsAustralia Post have claimed that they are needing 5000 more workers on deck in order to be able to cope with online shopping surges in the lead-up to Christmas.

Meanwhile we’ve also seen delivery companies react to the recent changes in the online shopping landscape, including StarTrack drivers going on strike last week in response to a lack of job security.

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