YouTube star and inventor Simone Giertz’s latest creation, the Coat Hinger, offers a space-saving solution for cramped closets.

Inventor and YouTube sensation Simone Giertz, once dubbed the ‘Queen of Shitty Robots,’ has now turned her ingenious gaze towards solving everyday problems. Her latest creation, the Coat Hinger, is a testament to this shift, marking a significant milestone in her product design journey that began with the Every Day Goal Calendar in 2018.

The Coat Hinger, conceived in 2020 after Giertz’s move to Los Angeles, addresses a common spatial challenge. Traditional coat hangers often demand more room than available, especially in compact living spaces. Giertz’s frustration with the inability of coat hangers to hang closer to the wall led to the birth of this innovative solution.

The concept of the Coat Hinger originated in 2020, following Giertz’s relocation to Los Angeles. She encountered a common issue faced in urban living: the challenge of space. Traditional coat hangers are often too bulky for the limited space available in modern, compact homes, apartments, or RVs. Frustrated by the lack of suitable options that could hang closer to the wall, Giertz set out to devise a solution.

124 iterations later, the final product is a stainless steel coat hanger featuring a durable, injection-molded acetal hinge. The key innovation lies in its foldability – the hanger can be folded in half, allowing garments to hang in smaller spaces than traditional hangers would permit. This design not only saves space but maintains the garment’s integrity, avoiding creases or wrinkles.

The Coat Hingers come in three storage kits and four color options (charcoal, white, red, and green), offering aesthetic choices for diverse interior decors. To accommodate the unique design of the Coat Hingers, standard closet rods are not recommended. Instead, Giertz’s team has crafted specialized bracket kits in two sizes, enabling easy wall mounting. Additionally, a shelf kit is available and you can see that below. Each option comes with a set of silicone stoppers than prevent any clothes with a low neckline and/or thin straps from sliding off the Coat Hingers.

Critics of the product brought up ‘creases’ and issues with weight, Giertz then cleared that up with an additional video.

The Coat Hinger has quickly become a sensation, going viral on social media multiple times and raising over $400K in two weeks. This closet game changer is slated for delivery May 2024, and anyone can pre-order it here.

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