The Nintendo Switch is going to have a bigger impact on the gaming industry than most people realise.

To be clear, I’ve been a PlayStation man for over a decade. Sure in primary school I was Pokémon Red king with my Game Boy, and that day my brother got a Game Boy colour I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes. However that short period of my life aside, I’m a traditional console player through and through.

I remember PlayStation tried to do something called a PSP (lol). What a fail that was. Good idea but terribly executed, I never bought it or entertained the idea of taking it seriously.

So when the Nintendo switch came out, of course, I was sceptical. I’m not a poor uni student anymore, so thought “fuck it” and bought one on release day.

The very next day I had a long international flight, so Zelda was my test run.

HOLY SHIT, this was actually like having a fully powered traditional console on the go. Not a watered down bullshit crossover, a genuine gaming experience that was portable.

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Then I eventually got home and continued playing my game on the big screen, fucking crazy how you can do that with the same device.

Ok sold.

Now, I’m playing NBA2K19, the experience is just as good as it ever was for me on PlayStation.

So the question to ask is;

Why would anyone keep their PlayStation or Xbox? Why pick a console that isn’t able to be taken on the move?

The single answer I can come up with is the game selection. The only time I ever turn on my PlayStation now is to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and if I had it on Switch I would be playing it on Switch.

People can talk shit about how the Switch is not as powerful as traditional consoles and on paper, they might be right. But the user experience when plugged into the tv is just as good and that’s what matters.

Apple on paper have worst specs than their competitors in almost all devices of the same price, but they’ve proven specs don’t mean shit. User experience is all that matters and the Switch is a fucking game changer.

If the PlayStation 5 and the next-gen Xbox aren’t portable like the Switch they will be digging their own grave.

Once you’ve experienced the freedom of truly uncompromising portable gaming you’ll never go back.

It’s time for Microsoft and Sony to step up or become a nostalgic memory.

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