You know how they do bag checks at concerts? Well kids concerts are on another level. Why? EVERYONE has bags, so it took over 30 minutes to get into the venue.

However, The Wiggles (the bloody legends they are) delayed the start until everyone got to their seats. That’s something every mum in the crowd appreciated more than Anthony’s rig.

anthony rig

Anthony Wiggle, Check out his rig!

When the show finally begins (thank God, we were about to enter tantrum territory), the arena of toddlers go nuts, and it’s clear Emma wiggle is the favourite. Did you know her approximate net worth is 12 million dollars? You go girl!

That Big Red Car starts driving around the arena floor with Emma at the wheel as the toddlers lose their goddamn minds. Screaming, cheering and waiving at the Wiggles driving the Big Red Car.

Once the drive is over, Anthony opens with some dialogue talking about West Tigers ’05 premiership win, a sure way to put almost every dad in the audience offside. What about the Sydney Swans in 05 win mate!?!?

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But it’s all good, because The Wiggles leave no classics unplayed including ‘Fruit Salad’ ‘Rock-A-Bye Bear’ and ‘Simon Says’, and when our 1 year old had enough of watching the stage, he was able to watch Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus take laps around the Stadium for a bit of side show entertainment.

I was personally entertained watching all the parents around me sing every word to every song unenthusiastically, but loyal. Once you have toddlers, these songs get stuck in your head for the rest of your life. There are two things you never forget as a parent – your child’s birthday and Wiggles lyrics.

The foursome proved to understand toddler pop culture by making Peppa Pig references much to the delight of our 4 year old daughter and playing the hits like ‘Baby Shark’.

Halfway through the show, the back up dancers collect letters and gifts from the kids in the audience and Lachy showed them off live on stage. Most of letters were far from poetry, pretty much every letter had the same four words “I love you Emma”, which I suspect were written by the Dads….because, ummm, she’s Emma.

The Wiggles have put together a perfectly timed and entertaining production. Our kids were captivated for the full 60 minutes and overall it was painless and super enjoyable.

Now how do I get ‘Do The Propeller’ out of my head? (We’re going up, up, up…)

The Wiggles
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