Music has been an integral part of my life since Hey Jude was billowing through the hospital waiting room speakers on that auspicious day of my birth back in 1968. Though drooling, gassy and not conscious of much of anything in particular, I’d like to think this song made a huge impact on my nimble little brain.

Like the immortal Dick Clark once mused, “music is the soundtrack of our lives.” I can honestly remember every song that was popular during every major moment in my life (except childbirth, of course). Music was as much part of me as I was a part of it.

Now that I’m a father, I want to pass on this musical DNA love to my kids. And thankfully, we’ve stumbled upon just the book to start them on their metaphysical rock journey. The Little Rockstar’s debut book ABC⚡DC is a Rock & Roll themed picture book for the next generation of rockers. It cleverly teaches kids their ABCs, thus making education cool again (if education was ever was accused of that dubious honour in the first place).


No longer will the alphabet be mired down in the “A” is for “Apple” and “B” is for “Boy” dark ages of early learning. Thanks to this alphabetic rock renaissance, my daughter can now go to school and say, “A” is for “AC/DC” and “B” is for “Beatles.”  What dad wouldn’t be proud.

If only I could be there to see the look on her teacher’s face when she’s told that “L” is for log, but it’s also for Led Zeppelin, arguably one of the greatest and most influential rock bands of all time. Then, they could engage in a spirited discussion over whether the single “Hey Hey What Can I do” should have been included on Led Zeppelin IV. The educational opportunities are as endless.

abc-dc-book-cover on green background
ABC⚡DC book

The real beauty of The Little Rockstar is that it’s totally different from the normal pink and blue explosions you see in most kids’ books. The illustrations are beautiful and insightful and colourful, and effortlessly capture the cheeky spirit of the rockers. They’re truly magical little portraits that keep on giving.


What also rocked is that the book was co-created by Australians, as fans voted on which 26 artists appeared in the final book.  How this sunburnt country ever arrived at “J” is for “Joan Jett”, I will never know. But I do know that Journey would not come to us with open arms, so to speak.

So, do yourself and your kids a favour and get this book today. It will not only awaken your inner rockstar, but it lays an all important rock foundation that wayward kids in today’s Midwest Emo world of music so desperately need. And learning the alphabet only sweetens the deal.

abc-dc book on green background featuring beatles
The Beatles in the ABC⚡DC book