This is getting ridiculous now: we’re just one week into 2021 and it looks like The Simpsons has spookily predicted something already.

On January 6th, the U.S. was shaken when pro-Donald Trump supporters broke into the Capitol Building in a futile bid to object to Joe Biden’s imminent Presidency. The world was shocked by footage seemingly showing the police allowing the protestors into the building and putting up little to no resistance. Four people have since sadly died in the attack and calls for Trump’s impeachment have never been louder.

It might have been shocking and distressing news to wake up to this week but not, it seems, if you’re one of those pesky writers at The Simpsons. People have made the connection between the iconic animated show’s Halloween special last year and the riots at the Capitol.

In the first segment of Treehouse of Horror XXXI, Homer dreams about voting in the U.S. election but never actually votes. It then cuts to Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2021, and, well, it’s pretty chaotic. The Simpsons imagines the country that day to be in full-on apocalyptic mode, at brutal war, with destroyed buildings and fires aplenty. Homer also steals government property, akin to the wild man who literally took the Speaker’s podium from the Capitol unharmed with a big, goofy smile on his face.

While the U.S. hasn’t slid into proper apocalypse just yet, it’s perhaps never seemed closer to that landscape, with COVID-19 still sweeping the country and the election controversially contested. The similarities between The Simpsons’ vision and real life can’t be ignored though.

The internet has been awash with people highlighting the connection. “i wanna know who actually are the writers of the simpsons,” one person said on twitter, and it’s a very fair question at this point.

The classic sitcom has become infamous for its many predictions over the years. They predicted Trump’s ridiculous rise to power and also the coronavirus pandemic, among many, many others.

And we don’t want to alarm anyone but the other things that last year’s Halloween episode predicted were a global famine and robots overtaking the world. If those also come true, then The Simpsons has to be cancelled and their writers rounded up and tried for witchcraft.

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