The Wiggles has added four racially diverse cast members to its lineup, but not everyone is happy about the new additions. 

ICYMI, the iconic children’s entertainers have doubled their lineup by welcoming new characters who will appear in their upcoming YouTube series Fruit Salad TV.

Joining the existing cast members Anthony, Simon, Lachy and Emma are Tsehay Hawkins, 15, who is originally from Ethiopia and will wear red; Evie Ferris, a 24-year-old Indigenous woman who will wear blue; Kelly Hamilton, 45, who is Asian-Australian and will wear yellow; and John Pearce, 28, of dance and music group Justice Crew, who has Filipino heritage and will wear purple.

In a statement, The Wiggles explained they were “seeking to inspire a diverse audience with its gender-balanced and diverse cast” and make sure children around the world “see themselves reflected on the screen”.

While it’s hard to imagine why anyone could have a problem with the group aiming to become more diverse, Nationals senator Matt Canavan spoke out against the decision.

The conversative Queensland politician, who frequently campaigns against progressive issues, told The Australian that the new lineup would damage The Wiggles.

“The Wiggles are free to do what they like. It was nice while it lasted. But you go woke, you go broke,” Canavan said.

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Meanwhile, several Twitter users echoed his sentiment, with one user describing the decision as “another subversive way to indoctrinate children into becoming Left and Woke.”

Thankfully, far more people have welcomed the new members and admonished those criticising their casting.

Over on Twitter, Aussie comedian and former radio presenter Em Rusciano described those speaking out against The Wiggles as “joyless puss warts.”

“OMG LEAVE THE WIGGLES ALONE YOU JOYLESS PUSS WARTS! Is nothing sacred?! Do you know how many kids will feel seen because they’re expanding their cast?! It’s wonderful! It’s inclusive! It’s time! Equality only feels like oppression to those with privilege – FACTS ARE FACTS,” she said.

For more on this topic, follow the Film & TV Observer.

Check out The Wiggles’ announcement of the new cast:

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