Perhaps Australian rock fans are still hungry for something akin to The Butterfly Effect in their early days; that dark alternative rock sound that captivated us. Former frontman Clint Boge’s latest band Like Thieves seem very much poised to step up and fill that gap.

Autumn’s Twilight features six finely tuned, beautifully crafted and kick-arse rock tracks that re-establish a very defined signature sound (following on from their debut EP of last year), but also stand alone as songs full of (dark) colour and character at the same time. This is an excellent way for a band to approach its career in a musical sense, as fans will know exactly what they’re getting from a new Like Thieves release, and they know they’re going to be dazzled with the quality of the tunes and the performances as well.

Speaking of performances, Boge has taken no time to put his stamp all over this band. It was this very juxtaposition of in-your-face rock power and dark ambience, with Boge’s emotive voice soaring over the top, that made The Butterfly Effect so compelling in their early days.

Like Thieves are making a fine fist of recapturing that feeling, while at the same time creating something that’s all their own.


Autumn’s Twilightis out now throught Independent / Bandcamp.

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