Stock the freezer with Zooper Doopers, fill your undies with ice-cubes, and postpone that how-many-sweaters-can-I-wear-at-once competition, ‘cos Sydney is on day two of a seven-day run that will see temperatures excess 25 degrees every day – which is apparently a big deal in November ‘cos it’s not even summer yet.

“The last time Sydney had seven consecutive days with maximum temperatures equal to, or above, 25 degrees in November was back in 1968, and it’s only happened twice in November in the last 118 years,” Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino told SMH, explaining that the weather is being caused by a “blocking high” pressure system centred over the Tasman, which blocks cold fronts from moving up the east coast.

In layman’s terms, what Domensino is saying is that you need to get the Slip N Slide out of the garage, and make sure to clear all the twigs and rocks from underneath it this time before sliding. And for chrissake fill up the ice cube trays!

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