As Australians, we want nice things; we enjoy nice things. But much like the child screaming for lollies at the Woolies check out, we don’t really deserve nice things. Not when we, as a society, have turned a charming, cute and innocent marketing strategy for a Disney film into an opportunity to make bank, and fleece our fellow Australians out of thousands of dollars.

That is just what’s happening with Woolworth’s latest plot to get shoppers in – a series of small, adorable collectable figurines called Ooshies, released in cahoots with Disney to promote The Lion King flip, which is now at cinemas.

Despite Woolies going to extreme length to avoid a grey-market type situation around the promotional toy, including listing in big font on the signage that the actual value of each toy is literally $3.00, a secondary market has reared its head on eBay where these simple toys, no bigger than half a finger, are going for as much as $31,000, the same price for a entry level luxury SUV.

I’ll say it again for this up the back…These are valued at $3 each by Woolworths.

Shoppers can collect all the fan favourites – Simba, Mufasa, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Scar and beyond. It’s the ‘rare’ variations that have put people in a mild frenzy. Anything blue, or fuzzy, or gold has people seeing dollar signs, and racing to post the miniature toy for sale to cop a huge profit.