If someone were to ask me to point to a single moment in history that defines the concept of a “fuck around”, I’d immediately direct them to the installation of Sydney’s CBD and Southeast Light Rail service. The debacle was supposed to be wrapped up last year, but was delayed after a litany of issues.

Sydney bar The Morrison is celebrating the tomfoolery by offering patrons a free drink if the tram manages to rock up from Randwick to the stop outside their pub by Christmas.

The light rail has been a train wreck – to use an appropriate phrase – all the way along,” says owner Fraser Short. “Sadly, nothing in the dismaying history of this project suggests it’ll finish on time. I’m so confident of the government’s incompetence that I’m more than happy to stump up and shout Sydney this party if the tram makes it from Randwick to the stop outside The Morrison with a cargo of paying passengers before Christmas.”

owner Fraser Short shares.

The “Free Beer If It Makes It Here” event promises a free beer if it makes it at all, and a free wine if it’s on time. If you’re interested in celebrating the ludicrousy, you can RSVP to the “off the rails party that may or may not happen” here.

What: Free Beer If It Makes It Here
Where: The Morrison
225 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
When: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯