By now we hope you’ve all witnessed the glorious celebrity exposé executed by TikTok user @juliacarolann, that saw her “rate” the behaviour of the elite clientele at the swanky New York joint she waitresses at.

If you haven’t, please do. There truly is nothing more decadent than watching the mystique of celebrity crumble before your eyes. I always had a gut feeling that Hailey Baldwin was just a whiny Castle Hill mum trapped in the body of a hot socialite, and this has added fuel to the fire of my burning (and unjustified) distaste.

One Australian TikTok user has taken the concept and applied it to her own video, in which she gives us the skinny on Australia’s most esteemed celebrities and the way they treat hospitality workers.

First head on the chopping block is Australian Idol treasure Guy Sebastian. I’ve been distrustful of Guy Sebastian since his braggadocious performance following the time he headbutted a home intruder. Perhaps my suspicious instincts were right because the ‘Elevator Love’ crooner was given a measly 2/10.

“He wouldn’t order his own drinks, wouldn’t look up at you when you were collecting his plates and glasses, wouldn’t crack a smile.”

Hamish and Andy were, of course, given glowing reviews. If someone has built an entire career on the backbone of having a good personality you’d fucking hope they actually have a good personality.

The block legend Scotty Cam copped the greatest review of all, being heralded an “Absolute legend,” According to the TikToker “He was just pumping darts on the smoking balcony all day. Just having some banter.”

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Working in hospitality is a surefire way to shatter the illusion of celebrity. As a former waitress at an inner-city café it gives me great pleasure to confirm that Peter Garrett is a hectic cunt who doesn’t mind knocking back a green juice. That chick from Pretty Little Liars and her hubby from Suits on the other hand… whiney little bitches.