New viral Maccas hack just dropped. 

One of the tiny joys in this insufferable world is treating the Maccas ordering kiosk like the Bon Appétit test kitchen after a night out on the piss. That lack of inhibition gives you the cojones to order exactly what you want with no fear of judgement (McFlurry with a side of pickles.)

We’re thrilled to learn that a new Maccas hack has dropped, the McBassett, which is at its core — a skint take on the Affogato. The genesis of this latest viral trend can be traced back to Korea and Malaysia.

The McBassett was inspired by a cult menu item at South Korean chain Paul Bassett; an ice cream latte. The Paul Bassett iteration of the treat costs a relatively steep KRW6300 ($7.35), which inspired TikTok users to fashion a cheaper alternative.

Enter, the McBassett. The premise is simple, it’s McDonald’s unbeatable ice latte topped with a soft-serve cone. It’s been floating around the internet for a while now but was brought to the Australian consciousness thanks to a viral TikTok from @adrianwidjy.

“So I saw that this is going viral in Korea and Malaysia and it’s called the McBassett, I thought I’d give it a go,” Adrian says in the video. “Basically it’s an iced latte with soft-serve dunked in it and it’s so good, and the visuals are so *chefs kiss*”

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The results are ridiculous. Though that’s the beauty of a Maccas hack — like all good art, it doesn’t have to be good, it just has to push boundaries. There a number of logistical issues to consider with the McBassett ie. it’s not exactly drinkable, and what the fuck are you supposed to do with that cone once it goes soggy. But hey, whatever, have fun.

You could, alternatively, just order the Maccas Real Coffee Shake — which is literally the same thing and cheaper but, also, do whatever you want.

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