San Francisco-based quiet achiever Thunderegg (AKA Will Georgantas) has been making intriguing indie-nerd records since the late ’90s.

His trademark is a paradoxical pairing of just-woke-up effortlessness and pedantic attention to detail – Georgantas comes across as a chronic contemplator, but thankfully, transferring contemplation into amusingly enlightening lyrics and accessible vocal melodies comes easy.

Nothing on C’Mon Thunder breaks the mould. The melodies have swished around in the pop consciousness since the advent of the dictaphone, and Georgantas’ nasal tone is far from exceptional. Nevertheless, when the constituent parts gel together, you’ll get lost imagining the summer kids doing the “shimmy round” and the “loop-the-loop” (‘Summer Kids’) and the stupid shoes that “Take you, but won’t tell you where to go” (‘Your Shoes Are Stupid’).

Thunderegg belongs to a tradition of songwriters (alongside Yo La Tengo, Eels and Teenage Fanclub) who are happy to dispel their musings from the shadows. Not vying for the spotlight allows freedom to chase one’s idiosyncratic whims.

C’Mon Thunder presents a unique identity, but it’s universal in its placid peculiarity. Georgantas explores the ins and outs of his everyday plight in front of you. It’s invigorating to witness and as the record progresses you’re encouraged to correspond with your own insecurities.


C’Mon Thunderis out now through Independent / Bandcamp.

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