In true Kardashian form, Kylie Jenner has continued to leave her imprint on another facet of the fashion and beauty industry, this time with swimwear.

Back in August, Jenner revealed that she would be unveiling Kylie Swim to an already stacked lineup of other brands including Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Baby and Kylie Skin.

The Kardashians talk big talk, but sadly it seems like Kylie Swim hasn’t delivered on two super important things that people don’t want in their swimwear: see-through fabric or impracticality.

And as per the TikTokers who have gotten their hands on their orders, it sounds like that’s pretty much what they’ve paid for.

TikToker Jessica Anderson, who owns her own swimwear brand 93 Play Street took to the platform to express her disappointment, questioning how the pieces are “supposed to work”.

Wearing one of Jenner’s yellow one pieces, there’s no doubt that the piece is as impractical as it looks.

“I am completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see through,” she began. “I’ve seen the behind the scenes of what it takes to produce swimwear and the fact that no one caught that this is completely see through blows my mind.”

“I’m sure they did because they had to Photoshop some of their photos to make this work.”

“For me it comes down to lack of integrity as a business owner and an entrepreneur, when you put something out you want people who are spending their hard earned money on it to be a good high quality product. And the fact that they gave this the thumbs up is really concerning to me.”

Anderson wasn’t alone, another TikToker tried on another one of the pieces saying that it “doesn’t cover anything” and that “one sudden move and everything’s going to be out”.

Jenner’s brand representatives are yet to respond to the matter.

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