With the rise of TV streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, it’s never been easier to binge-watch your favourite shows. Of course, while we’ve been enjoying the Christmas and New Year’s break, plenty of us have spent that time curling up on the couch while we repeatedly tell Netflix that yes, after ten episodes of Stranger Things, we’re still watching. But have you ever wondered how much time you’ve spent on all these shows?

As NME reports, a new calculator by US telecommunications company AT&T is helping to shine a light on just how much time you’ve devoted to your favourite shows. While the calculator was seemingly created to give you an idea of how much data you consume, it’s got plenty of people talking about it’s other uses.

So how does it work? Well, first you need to select one of the shows you watch regularly, how much of the show you plan to watch, and how many seasons, then let the calculator do its work.

For example, if you’re a big fan of The Simpsons and you were planning to give the entire 618-episode series a run through. Well, all you’d really need to do is take a week off work (weekends included), because at 13734 minutes, that’s only 9.5 days of 24/7 TV watching you’d have to do to get through it all.

Likewise, let’s say you want to take on something a bit bigger, like Law & Order: SVU, for example. At 410 episodes, a 24/7 run through of the show will take you 15.6 days to get through. Other facts the calculator provides you with is how many eight-hour work days you’d have to sacrifice to watch the show. In the case of Law & Order, it would take you a total of 46.8 work days if it was your job.

Of course, we don’t condone spending all your time watching TV, but if you were planning on working out how to fit the entirety of Breaking Bad into your 40-hour work week, this is the best way.

Check out the TV show binge calculator here.

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