Highly touted Californian duo Tone Of Arc, comprised of Derrick Boyd and his partner, vocalist Zoe Presnick, will perform at Cult at the Burdekin Hotel onSaturday July 20as part of their debut tour of Australia.

The couple recently dropped their debut albumTime Was Right, a melange of soft rock, punk-funk, electro-pop and proto-house that evoked the zeitgeist of Ibiza in the 80s. Boyd had previously released a deep house flavoured albumCorpus Animusas Dead Seal back in 2009. He’s since bunkered down in the studio with his other half to create an album that is a genre-defying jamboree, the kind of which Sydneysiders can expect to partake in at The Burdekin in a few weeks. DJs Brohn and Mike Buhl will be spinning in support, with presale tickets available online.

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