General Pants Bowl-A-Rama is returning to Bondi, and although their press release modestly refers to it as “one of Australasia’s largest and most exciting skate events”, I’m just gonna go out ahead and call it – if you secure Tony Hawk, yours is THE largest and THE most exciting.

Anyway, across February 17 and 18, the massive event will be happening at the Bondi Skate Park, with Tony Hawk showing everyone up with moves such as the  Kickflip McTwist, or the One Footed Smith Grind (just some skate moves I know the names of – no big deal).

Here is a quote from Tony Hawk about the Aussie skating scene. Spoiler: he bloody loves it.

“I love the Aussie skate scene – it’s always been really strong, even when skateboarding wasn’t as popular. The pool is a great medium – they’re doing proper huge vert tricks and really textured tricks. Last year I was so impressed with the juniors and girls competition, it was a big highlight of the event.”

Tickets are on sale now.

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